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"I'm still a dad. Nothing, not even death, can ever change that."

Brett Buckley was a normal family man once.

But when he unexpectedly turns undead and starts to crave living flesh, he must reconcile with his suburban family in an attempt to preserve his dwindling humanity, and must balance his horrific cravings against his need to be a good person and a good role model for his children.

More than just another zombie story, the Undad saga is about the challenges of being a good husband, father, and role model, while being (literally) dead inside.

He had to die, to remember how to live.

The Undad graphic novel series was shortlisted in the 2015 Australian Shadows Awards and was highly commended in the 2016 ACT Writing and Publishing Awards.

It's also the most popular of my published work and has struck a chord with readers, who praise its fresh and character-focused take on what many see as a tired genre, and appreciate its use of monster metaphors to represent the challenges of depression, shame, compulsive behaviour, and the trials of juggling those issues against the daily demands of family life.

Undad wears its heart on its sleeve. And its other sleeve. And down the front of its shirt.

Undad volumes One and Two have already been produced, and the third is currently being written.

Undad Volume Three will build upon the narrative and critical success of the existing series, by inviting writers and artists to produce brand new Undad stories in this established universe.

The first volume of Undad was written entirely by me, partly to chronicle my personal experience grappling with depression as a parent, the difficulty I faced in asking for help from those closest to me, and the ways that this fractured and divided my most important relationships. But depression - and mental illness in general - takes many forms, and my story is just one among millions.

I'm really excited to be expanding the Undad writing team, and can't wait to share updates with you as they occur!

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Shane W Smith

Creator, writer, artist

Katie Walsh-Smith


Diego & Andrea Lopez Mata


Joseph Canave


Team Diaverik


Dima Derzhavin


Deborah Carita Holland


Paul Schultz


Big Tim Stiles


Ryan K Lindsay


Miranda Richardson


Mitchell Collins


Karissa Moloney


Matias Lazaro


Anna Foubert


Simon Robins


Anthony Salinas

Cover artist

Acclaim for the Undad series

Jack Heath

International bestselling author of HANGMAN and JUST ONE BITE

"No wonder readers love Undad. Perfect for readers who wish The Walking Dead had more to say."

Ryan K Lindsay

Award-winning author of NEGATIVE SPACE and ETERNAL

"And they said we’d reached zombie apex in modern media. Isn’t it lovely to hold something in your hands that proves all that wrong?”

Matthew J Barbeler

Acclaimed author of METRO 7 and CARNIFEX

"I watched some of Santa Clarita Diet earlier and all I could think was 'man, Shane W Smith's Undad did this so much better.'

Australian Shadows Awards 2015


Undad was a finalist in the 2015 Australian Shadows Award, nominated for best horror graphic novel. 

ACT Writing and Publishing Awards 2016

Highly commended

Undad was the first graphic novel ever to be shortlisted and highly commended in the ACT Writing and Publishing Awards.

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